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Cart Engine 7.0 Beta

Saturday, February-03-2018

Cart Engine 7.0 Beta

After almost two years, I have finally updated Cart Engine to version 7.0 with lots of change under the hood.

My aim with Cart Engine 7.0 is to simplify things by removing unnecessary features, rearranging options, more ajax, and so on.

For now, I have provided a beta version which can be accessed in

If you found any bugs, or have any questions, please contact me.

I will release final version of Cart Engine 7.0 next week. So, stay tune!

First Ever Add On: Simple Newsletter

Wednesday, October-18-2017

First Ever Add On: Simple Newsletter

I have released my first ever add on for qEngine family (qEngine CMS, Cart Engine & Kemana Directory). This add on allow you to add a simple newsletter to your web site.

As you may have realized, I have removed newsletter feature starting in qEngine 6.1 (and Kemana 3.2). But there are some requests to re-add the feature in qEngine, so I created this module.

You can learn more about this add on here.

Add ons are free to download. I try to release at least one add on (module or skin) a month.

Friday, September-15-2017

Kemana Directory 3.1 Updater to 3.2 is Now Available!

You can now download Kemana 3.1 to 3.2 updater now for free!

Updating is very easy, but please follow these important informations:

  1. ALWAY BACK UP FIRST! Including your MySQL database!
  2. If you have modified the script or the skin, please back up them first and update, then use differencing program to re-apply your modifications.
  3. After updating, there will be some additional steps to be taken manually.


  1. Before starting:
     a. Login as administrator
     b. Change the skin to default skin. Go to Admin Panel > Tools > Site Configurations > Engine Settings > [tab] Look & Feel > [option] Template > Default.
     c. Disable debug mode. Go to Admin Panel > Tools > Site Configurations > Engine Settings > [tab] Site Info > [option] Debug Mode > No.
  2. Copy or upload the contents in /upload to your Kemana installation. This should overwrite old Kemana files.
  3. Go to your web site URL followed with /upgrade.php, eg: http://www.example.tld/upgrade.php
  4. Follow the on screen instructions.
  5. Done!

Kemana 3.2 is a free PHP link directory script which can be used for multiple purposes other than link directory: classified ads, school yearbook, product catalog and more.

Download updater here.

Or if you need full installation, download here.

Kemana 3.2 is Now Available For Free Download!

Saturday, September-09-2017

Kemana 3.2 is Now Available For Free Download!

I'm very pleased to announce that today, Kemana 3.2, is available for free download!

Kemana 3.2 is a free PHP link directory script which can be used for multiple purposes other than link directory: classified ads, school yearbook, product catalog and more.


Changes in version 3.2 including:

[KE] Mandatory bug fixes, many thanks to Mario Kästner (
[KE] English language tidied up, many thanks to Peter Walker ( )
[KE] Much better search, visitors can search anything (title, description, custom field) and provide more accurate results
[KE] Category list in welcome now have clickable thumbs
[KE] Replace circle rating with classic but trustworthy rating star
[KE] Lock menu editing for directory related items
[KE] Shortened description text in grid mode, you should use grid mode for image focussed listings
[KE] Removed site wide features as it overlapped with directory features
[KE] 'No Detail' mode, when clicked will open the target web site instead of detail page
[KE] New custom field types: URL & Video (Youtube & Vimeo only)
[KE] Ke_core module allows visitors to change view mode (requires DIV ID)
[KE] Allow URL masking to hide real URL (useful for referral)
[QE] As always, bug fixes
[QE] Add more permissions
[QE] Tidy up image library
[QE] Drop Newsletter feature. You can use mailchimp or yahoogroups to manage newsletter.
[QE] Drop country table, replaced with /includes/countrylist.php file.
[QE] Admin can no longer login from front end. This will defeat the purpose of renaming the ACP.

Bootstrap Navbar

Kemana 3.2 is built on qEngine 16.1 which replaced Superfish menu with Bootstrap Navbar menu. While there are some limitations to the Bootstrap Navbar, but I really like how it looks on mobile devices.

Smarter Search

There were some serious weakness in the previous version of Kemana (Kemana 2, 3.0 & 3.1) which makes searches to return unexpected results.

For example a listing with a title: "Pizza Delivery 24h" and custom field city: "New York". Thus searching for "pizza new york" will not return any results. Current fix will return correct results.

More Compact Grid Mode

Grid mode now has a more compact design. Grid mode is suitable for picture focused web site. If you prefer a classical view, you can use list mode.

New Custom Fields

I have added two more custom field types: URL & Video. URL is useful to enter more URL in addition to primary site URL. You can use video to show embedded video on the web site. Currently, video custom field supports YouTube & Vimeo videos.

Updater from v3.1

I will make an updater for Kemana 3.1 to upgrade to Kemana 3.2. Expect it to be available in a week or so. Once it ready, I will post an update on this web site.

Tuesday, September-05-2017

Kemana 3.2 for Public Trial

I'm currently testing Kemana 3.2 in which is open to public, so you can also test and preview what Kemana 3.2 will look like.

There are many bug fixes in Kemana 3.2, thanks to everyone for submitting bug reports. I will put some credits to the people who have helped fixing Kemana to be a better script.

Kemana 3.2 will be available for download soon. Please stay tune!

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