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Saturday, March-03-2018

Cart Engine 7.0 is Now Available For $39

I happy to announce that Cart Engine 7.0 is now available to purchase for $39.

Cart Engine (CE) is a small yet powerful online shop script based on PHP & MySQL with latest web technology, such as HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, Responsive Web Design, WYSIWYG editor, File Manager; featuring unlimited products, unlimited categories, custom fields, digital products, and more. Learn about CE's features here.

New in CE7

CE7 is basicaly a rebuild of Cart Engine. I fixed many bugs from previous versions, optimize the script, even alter lots of database structure. Resulting the best, fastest and most reliable CE release ever.

I also streamline lots of area of CE. More new features is good, but I think creating an easy to use script is even better. So I removed some cluttered designs, and simplify lots of things, such as simplify area management by removing city list, state list, etc. Simplify tax editor. Simplify order ID options, and more.

I hope you can enjoy CE7 as much as I'm working on it. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me.

Change Log

[CE] Mostly rebuild everything from scratch to improve performance
[CE] Mandatory bug fixes which may cause new bugs :)
[CE] Change custom field table structure to allow more flexible management
[CE] Simplify area management (country, state, city)
[CE] Simplify tax rate
[CE] Simplify order ID generation, no more random ID
[CE] Simplify manufacturer info
[CE] New: Multiple tax rate
[CE] New: Smart search
[CE] New: Price filter slider
[CE] New: Display price with tax
[CE] Drop: Product Option feature
[CE] Drop: Multiple currency support
[CE] Drop: Shipping fee by area
[CE] Drop: Store wide discount
[QE] Updated to qEngine 16.2, there are too many changes to list, please refer to qEngine Changes log to see them

Cart Engine 7.0 Beta

Saturday, February-03-2018

Cart Engine 7.0 Beta

After almost two years, I have finally updated Cart Engine to version 7.0 with lots of change under the hood.

My aim with Cart Engine 7.0 is to simplify things by removing unnecessary features, rearranging options, more ajax, and so on.

For now, I have provided a beta version which can be accessed in

If you found any bugs, or have any questions, please contact me.

I will release final version of Cart Engine 7.0 next week. So, stay tune!

First Ever Add On: Simple Newsletter

Wednesday, October-18-2017

First Ever Add On: Simple Newsletter

I have released my first ever add on for qEngine family (qEngine CMS, Cart Engine & Kemana Directory). This add on allow you to add a simple newsletter to your web site.

As you may have realized, I have removed newsletter feature starting in qEngine 6.1 (and Kemana 3.2). But there are some requests to re-add the feature in qEngine, so I created this module.

You can learn more about this add on here.

Add ons are free to download. I try to release at least one add on (module or skin) a month.

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