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Starting from qEngine 16.1, I have removed Newsletter feature from qEngine, because of the reasons explained here.

But there are some requests to re-add the feature in qEngine, so I created this module.

This module provide a really simple newsletter feature to your web site. You can use it to send newsletter, site annoucements, etc to your subscribers. Please be aware that some web host may limit number of emails sent per day.


This add on only available to Gold Members only. To acquire Gold Membership, you need to purchase my script with add-on subscription feature (Gold Package).

If you have purchased lower package, you can upgrade to Gold Package by adding the difference price between Gold Package and your paid price. Contact me for more information.


The easiest way to add this module to your web site is by using Modules > Layout. Then pick a location, and choose 'Simple Newsletter'. Save, and you are done.

To manually add this module, please follow the following steps:

  1. Open a skin file, for example: skins/default/outline.tpl (you can use any file)
  2. At the place you wish to display the module, add:

<!-- BEGINMODULE qnews --><!-- ENDMODULE -->


You can modify the language or the design of the newsletter form by editing: /skins/_module/module_qnews.tpl and /module/qnews/window.php

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Posted On: Oct-16-2017 @ 03:35am
Last Updated: Jan-10-2018 @ 11:49pm