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Key Features


Yes, you read it right! This awesome script is totally free! Please read our "Free License" guide for more information.

CMS Focused

Leave the boring stuffs to qE:

  • Comprehensive page management
  • Create your own contents: articles, pages, news, blogs, and more.
  • Template based
  • Menu designer
  • Search Engine Friendly & human readable URL
  • Newsletters
  • Reponsive web design
  • Mobile friendly version
  • Sitewide search
  • Easy to use administrator pages
  • Notification center
  • Module support to enrich your site features
  • Interact with your visitor with sophisticated commenting script
  • Cache
  • Captcha to increase site security
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Contact us form
  • Backup & restore database
  • SMTP mail server support
  • Long page pagination
  • Custom page design for specific story
  • qAdmin to save your time developing simple administrator only stuffs
  • qAdmin changes log
  • Module popup management
  • Included modules:
    • Slideshow to promote feature stories
    • Comment engine
    • Approve comments by email
    • Rotating banners module
    • Website statistics with cool animated charts
  • and more...

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