qENCORE for really simple CMS

qEngine Core (qEncore) is a simple & lightweight CMS script, or in my own word, "a CMS that is not a CMS".

qEncore is based on qEngine 8.0, but it doesn't require any database to run. qEncore already includes: template engine, jQuery, BootStrap, popup, tooltips, lightbox, date picker, autocomplete and more, you can see the features in demo page of qENCORE.

qe mobileKey Features


Yes, you read it right! This awesome script is totally free! Please read our "Is It Free" guide for more information.

Template Based

qEncore is templated based, separating the design from the php codes. You don't need to deal with php codes to build your web site. Concentrate on the design not on the script.

Lightweight & Fast

It's small (less than 500KB), fast & lightweight, and doesn't need any database (albeit, qEncore still supports database connection if you need it).

Mobile Optimized

With mobile devices growing so fast nowadays, a mobile friendly web site is a must! qEncore's default skin is already a responsive web design (RWD). If you don't like RWD, qENCORE can be configured to load mobile specific design for mobile devices.

Developer Friendly

Start developing your project instead of doing boring stuffs. qEncore has been equipped with most common CMS features: template engine, popup, dropdown menu, cool form, captcha, auto complete, SMTP mail API, and more.

This project has been discontinued, and no longer be maintained. This page still up for archive purpose.