Active Projects

The following scripts are still maintained and developed. I will add more features for the scripts in the future.


My own CMS engine. I use it to create the other scripts: Cart2, Kemana & MOE. I still have many plans for the scripts. But currently it has already feature packed: user management, page manager, news manager, SEO URL, search engine, WYSIWYG editor, database optimization, site statistics, and more.

Lear more about qEngine.

Cart2 Logo

Open your online shop today with Cart2 PRO. A template driven script that supports custom fields, product options, digital products, user friendly administration control panel, awesome default skins, and more.

Learn more about Cart2 PRO.


Experience the ultimate directory script solution with Kemana. Create your own Yahoo or Dmoz easily with Kemana. Unique Kemana's features including: CMS engine based on our qEngine, multiple directories support, user friendly administration control panel, easy to use custom fields, unsurpassed flexibility.

Learn more about Kemana.


Coming Soon!

Final Projects

The following scripts are no longer maintained, but I didn't find any problem with the scripts. I simply have lost interest or the script has been developed to the point where I thought it didn't need any more new features. Please use at your own risk. No support!

  • mBlog, a simple blogging engine.
  • Directory 97 PRO, a simple link directory, a predecessor for Kemana Directory (important, the Directory 97 PRO database is not compatible with Kemana).
  • Cart97, a simple online shop script, a predecessor for Cart2 PRO (important, the Cart97 PRO database is not compatible with Cart2).

Download the scripts here.

Other Projects

The following scripts are no longer maintained by me. Please contact the respective owner for product support.

xenon cart

XenonCart is a collaborative project with AWD Northwest. It is a all-in-one, one stop solution, off-the-shelf e-commerce script that allow you to build your own shop in just 5 minutes (installing and standard setup).

For more information on XenonCart please visit its official site here.

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