1. Introduction

Developing with qE is quite easy, but there are several ways to enhance qE, you can use modules which is the easiest to develop and to share you modifications, or edit qE directly using the developer's guide.

If you want to share your modifications, consider to do so with modules. Modules are a practical way to add new functions to qE, and allow you to upgrade qE anytime without worrying about redoing the modifications.

But if you want to improve qE, and requires a lot of modification on the qE itself, such as creating a shopping cart, you may find this method more efficient.

Principle of qE

The principle of qE is actually simple, "KISS" - Keep It Small & Simple. We prefer to use & reuse several functions, instead of having to create several functions to do the rather the same jobs. That's why we create qAdmin, and we create a simple template engine. We believe small things work better and faster, and easier to debug. If it ain't broken, don't fix it!

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