What a Mess!

Again, an update on Cart3 (C3). For now, I will show you a sneak preview on the new custom field (CF) in C3. In C3, the new CF not only be used to store additional product information, but the new CF can also be used as product filtering.

For example, a store is selling computers, so the CF's can be: OS type, processor, RAM, Storage, etc. By using new CF, visitors can filter the product list or product search by OS type, processor, RAM, etc. Eg, visitors can choose to display only "MS Windows" with "RAM more than 4GB" and "1TB HDD" machines.

The following screen shot should give you more understanding how CF works (don't worry the debug information will be hidden in the final product....also a new skin!)

What a mess

As you see above, the product filtering is located on the left side. Visitors can filter by price, and other CF's, and the results will be updated automatically (again, Submit button is for debugging purpose).

Also interesting is in C3, you can choose between Grid or List display, which allow your visitors to switch display accordingly.

Currently, I'm working on "Product Options" (PO). The new PO will have an easier PO management. I will show it in the future updates. So, stay tuned!

Posted On: Aug-31-2013 @ 10:50pm
Last Updated: Aug-31-2013 @ 11:02pm

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