We Are Moving to GitHub

We Are Moving to GitHub

Yes, that's right. We are moving to GitHub! We are now using GitHub to make distribution, and collaboration more easily. In GitHub, you can download the script (for free), report bugs (issues), submit your modifications, fork, and more.

It doesn't mean, I will close this web site. This web site will still exist, but most of the script-related contents will be moved to GitHub (eventually).

For now, I'm still learning on using GitHub as I have never used GitHub before, other than downloading scripts. Also, as for now, I'm focusing on Kemana Directory on GitHub. Other scripts (qEngine & Cart Engine) will be moved also.

Thus said, come visit our new home in GitHub!

All Repositories: https://github.com/cunaedy
Kemana Directory's Repository: https://github.com/cunaedy/Kemana-Directory

Posted On: Jun-23-2019 @ 11:10pm
Last Updated: Jun-23-2019 @ 11:24pm

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