qEngine Released

What is qEngine? I can't really define it, may be because of my limited knowledge. But qEngine (qE) is a CMS, also a library, also an engine. While qE is focused for developers, qE can also be used for end users.

For developers, you can use qE as a starting point to develop your own applications. qE has been used to create various web sites and web applications. With qE, you don't have to deal with boring stuffs, like: page management, news management, user management, template engine, SEO URL, web statistics, administration control panel, etc. You can start right to the more important things.

For end users, you can use qE to start your own web site. From simple sites such as personal web sites, blogs, to more complex ones, such as company portals. C97.net is a perfect sample of qE capabilities. C97.net uses basic qE with some modules. We also use qE to create Cart2 & Kemana.


In case you're wondering, the qE documentation will be add gradually. And if possible, you can also contribute your own documentation.

Posted On: Mar-08-2010 @ 07:00am
Last Updated: Jan-01-1970 @ 07:00am

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