qEngine 7?

After working with some of my clients with other languages than English (one is in German, the other is in Bahasa), I realize that qEngine (or in this case was actually CartEngine) lacks an important feature, the multilingual support.

I know, I know, I'm not a fan of multilingual. But I'm speaking of that multilingual, not this one. LOL. I mean the web site where you can select a language. This always confuses me, say an English bookstore that provide Spanish & German interface. Why would anyone buy an English book if they can't even read English so that they need to change the interface language?

But, the one I think qEngine should support is where you can easily translate qEngine to your native language, without editing any files; especially without editing any template files. And when you switch to a new design you don't need to re-edit the template files at all. That kind of multilingual should be supported by qEngine!

While planning this, I realize that I was going to update qEngine 6.0 to 6.1 with some minor updates & fixes. But, I simply can't wait qEngine 6.1, then Kemana 2, before finally qEngine 7.0. I think this is an important feature to be implemented as soon as possible.

So I decided to update qEngine 6.0 with multilingual support & jQuery UI, and release is as qEngine 7.0.

So, what do you think? Should I continue with 6.1 or jump right to 7.0 and postpone Kemana 2.0 (if I do, then Kemana will not have multilingual support, and still using jQueryTools). Post your opinion here or in the forum.

Posted On: Feb-09-2014 @ 11:00pm
Last Updated: Feb-09-2014 @ 11:14pm

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