qEngine 7 with BootStrap


One of the main reasons I need to update qEngine is because I need to replace jQuery Tools UI with another one. jQuery Tools UI has been a really great user interface library, but unfortunatelly, the development seems has been stopped, so I need to find a replacement, otherwise I couldn't upgrade the jQuery and other elements.

My first choice is of course, jQuery UI, which is developed and maintained by jQuery Team. So I tried that one, and it was great. But the interface is too retro for my taste and the library file size is quite big; I need something smaller with more modern looks.

Then, I learned about BootStrap. The interface is great, modern & minimalistic; and the file size is smaller than jQuery UI. After experimenting a bit, I decided to stick with BootStrap v3. There are of course some problems when implementing BootStrap with qEngine. One of them is the inability of BootStrap's nav bar to display multi-level drop down menu. That's why I'm sticking with the awesome Super Fish menu (updated to the latest one of course), and also I choose ColorBox to replace BootStrap's awesome yet very long to type modal window; and skin them to mimic BootStrap's native looks.

So, there you are qEngine 7 is now with BootStrap + SuperFish + ColorBox + and more. Currently I'm working on multilingual engine. Expect new qEngine soon!

Posted On: Mar-23-2014 @ 02:20pm
Last Updated: Mar-23-2014 @ 02:32pm

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