qEngine 7 is Ready to Download

Finally, after one year without updates, now qEngine 7 is ready to download. qEngine 7 is our latest CMS script which powers all of our scripts & projects.

Updates in qEngine 7:

  • Change jQuery Tools with Bootstrap 3.1.1
    As you may have known, qEngine 6 and older are using jQuery Tools; but unfortunatelly, jQuery Tools is no longer maintained, and some features don't work well with latest jQuery. That's why I decided to move to a new & fresh UI library.
  • Update jQuery to v1.11.0
  • Add 'multi lingual' support
    This is also a big change, with qEngine 6 and older, if you need to build a non-English web site, you need to change lots of files: *.tpl, msg.php & lang.php. Not to mention if you upgrade to newer qEngine. With qEngine 7, it's much easier to maintain non-English web site, as you only need to edit a single form to translate your web site; and with some tweaks you can even allow your user to choose his/her own language.
  • Closed web site now can still be browsed by administrators
    This is one of the most requested features. In older qEngine, if you close your web site, you simply can't do anything with your web site. But in qEngine 7 you can still access your web site as administrators, regular users will simply see a notification page.
  • Add RSS feed for C97.net
    Ah, why not?!
  • Change mySQL to mySQLi
    mySQL extension support has been dropped in PHP v5.5, so qEngine 7 and newer will use mySQLi extension.
  • Merge local config & qE config into one table
  • Update default skin to HTML5
  • Security fixes & bug fixes

To learn more about qEngine 7 click here. See the demo here.

You can download qEngine 7 in our Download Library.

Posted On: May-11-2014 @ 12:10am
Last Updated: May-11-2014 @ 12:27am

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