qEngine 4.0 Released

qE4.0 is finally here. The CMS engine is getting easier. With qE4.0, you are no longer need to have a nightmare of editing 20 tpl files. We have managed to reduce the number of tpl files to only 5 files! But if you need to fine tune anything, we still be able to. Freedom is yours!

Also, qE4.0 is using jquery.js instead of prototype.js. We choose jquery.js since there are more and more plug ins for jquery, making it easier to create a dynamic web site.

And finally, modules are now easier. Install the module, and manage the position from the ACP, no need to add the module manually to your skin files. But again, you can do so if you need to fine tune the location. It's your choice, your freedom!

What's new in version 4.0:
[QE] Minor fixes
[QE] Replace guestbook with qComment
[QE] New skin folder: _common, to simplify skin designing
[QE] Replace prototype.js with jquery.js
[QE] Page menu now can be placed in four positions
[QE] Module now can be placed in eight positions

Posted On: Jul-25-2010 @ 12:00am
Last Updated: Apr-24-2013 @ 01:36pm

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