qEngine 16 Now Available! Now even more secure!

qEngine 16 Now Available! Now even more secure!

qEngine 16 is now available for free download!

qEngine (qE) is a lightweight, fast, yet feature packed CMS script to help you building your site quickly. Using template engine to separate the php codes from the design, you don't need to touch the codes to design your web site. qE is also expandable by using modules.

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Download it for free here.
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Better Security

In qEngine 16, you can rename administrator control panel (ACP, or backend) to anything you wish. For example, instead of the usual: www.mysite.tld/admin, you can rename it to www.mysite.tld/myadmin. This can increase your web site security as hacker usually tries to find ACP folder which usually located in /admin folder. Please refer to /includes/db_config.php of your installation for more information.

New in qEngine 16, permission editor. You can now assign different permission for different user or admin level. For example, you can allow User Level 3 (Gold) to download file from a page. Or admin level 2 (Super visor) to edit pages. You can access this editor in ACP > Tools > Site Configuration > User Level.

Other Changes

While editing a page, and inserting an image, qEngine now display 'thumbnail' instead of old plain list of text. But you can always change the display though.

And don't forget, starting from qEngine 16, I have replaced old super fish drop down menu with bootstrap navbar. This allow me to remove some more scripts from old qEngine. But remember, bootstrap navbar only allow two level of menu, so deeper menu will be discarded.

Changes List

[QE] Mandatory bug fixes
[QE] Image library now show thumbnails instead of just list of text
[QE] Users & administrators privileges editor
[QE] Custom privileges to add more permissions
[QE] You can rename /admin/ folder to anything else to increase site security, don't forget to edit the settings in /includes/db_config.php
[QE] Replace main menu javascript from superfish, hoverintent & tinynav to bootstrap nav menu
[QE] Updated Jquery to 3.2.1
[QE] Tweak the default skin design

Posted On: Jul-25-2017 @ 02:35pm
Last Updated: Jul-25-2017 @ 03:13pm

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