qEngine 16.3 with Inline Editor Now Available!

qEngine 16.3 with Inline Editor Now Available!

I'm happy to announce that qEngine CMS 16.3 is now available for download.

qEngine (qE) is a lightweight, fast, yet feature packed CMS script to help you building your site quickly. You can use qE to build your own company profile, blogs, news site, and more. qE is also expandable by using modules.

Download for free here.
Learn more here.

Inline Editing

The significant changes in qEngine 16.3 is the ability for inline editing. By using this feature, you can edit any pages simply by clicking the contents and you can edit it directly using the WYSIWYG editor.

To do so, simply follow these steps:

  1. Login as administrator. You can only login as administrator from your back end!
  2. Return to front end (aka your web site).
  3. In any supported pages, hovering on contents should display a popup "Click to Edit". Simply click the contents and you can type in directly.


Using multipage you can combine several pages by using page gallery module into one seamless page. While you can also use multiple page gallery modules, multipage comes with the ability to cache whole page thus reducing site load.

You can learn more about multi page by referring to its built in documentation in Module manager.

Other Changes

[QE] As always, bug fixes
[QE] Simplify file structures
[QE] Update javascript library to latest version (except BootStrap)
[QE] BIG ONE! Added inline editing capability!
[QE] New module: multipage
[QE] Update module: slideshow now can be categorized

Posted On: May-25-2018 @ 02:15pm
Last Updated: May-25-2018 @ 03:21pm

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