qEngine 16.1 - Now comes with surprises!

qEngine 16.1 - Now comes with surprises!

And I mean, 'surprises'!

qEngine 16.1 is now available for free download!

qEngine (qE) is a lightweight, fast, yet feature packed CMS script to help you building your site quickly. Using template engine to separate the php codes from the design, you don't need to touch the codes to design your web site. qE is also expandable by using modules.

Learn more about qEngine here.
Download it for free here.
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(yeah, I copied above paragraph from previous blog).

No More Newsletter

The first surprise is that I decided to drop newsletter feature from qEngine 16.1. My reasonings are:

  1. More and more web host are now limiting number of email sent per hour. You can Bing it here. Most web hosts only allow 200-500 emails per hour. Now, if you have 1,000 members, and use qEngine to send newsletters, your first 200 newsletters are sent accordingly, but the rest 800 will not be delivered.
  2. This may someday raises some questions from site owners on why their newsletters are not delivered. And I really want to avoid that.
  3. Also, I want to focus qEngine more on CMS features instead of as promotional tools.

If you need to send newsletter, I recommend you to use mailchimp or yahoogroups both are available for free.

No More Country Database

Well, country table to be precise. Country table used to contain list of country names in the world. But since it is rarely used by qEngine, I decided to drop the table, and moved the content to a file. You can still access country table in /includes/countrylist.php file.

Administrators Can Not Login from Front End

The last surprise is that administrators now can no longer be able to login from front end. Because that would defeat the benefit of renaming your /admin folder.

To login to your control panel, you have to manually enter the control panel URL to your browser. Once logged in, you can still visit front panel as admin to tweak your web site.

Other Changes

[QE] As always, bug fixes
[QE] Add more permissions
[QE] Tidy up image library
[QE] Drop Newsletter feature. You can use mailchimp or yahoogroups to manage newsletter.
[QE] Drop country table, replaced with /includes/countrylist.php file.
[QE] Admin can no longer login from front end. This will defeat the purpose of renaming the ACP.

Posted On: Aug-24-2017 @ 11:05pm
Last Updated: Aug-25-2017 @ 10:32pm

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