qEngine 12 Released!

qEngine 12 Released!

qEngine 12 is available today!

qEngine (qE) is a lightweight, fast, yet feature packed CMS script to help you building your site quickly. Using template engine to separate the php codes from the design, you don't need to touch the codes to design your web site. qE is also expandable by using modules.

What's new in version 12:

[QE] More bug fixes
[QE] Replace (almost) all icon images with Bootstrap Glyphons
[QE] Change default "detailed log" to false
[QE] Removed internal 'edit-opt'
[QE] New qCache mode
[QE] Improved menu editor
[QE] No more HTTPS auto swithcer, it is either 100% secure connection or not at all
[QE] Removed module's qSearch
[QE] Removed redundant links from module documentation
[QE] Uploaded files/images in qAdmin must be removed before user can upload new ones
[QE] Added Google Map location picker
[QE] Simplify site search result
[QE] Added sub template support
[QE] Page editor now support sub template & page template
[QE] Remove BB code support
[QE] Debug info only visible to administrators only

Learn more about qEngine here: c97.net/qengine-lightweight-fast-powerful-cms.php

See the live demo here: qdemo.c97.net

And, download for FREE here: c97.net/files/qengine-files.php

Where the hell is Kemana 2?

Well, while developing Kemana 2, I received some jobs that required some modification to qEngine (then 11.1). And I those modifications could benefit for Kemana 2! Then I integrated the modifications to qEngine 12 which will be used in Kemana 2!

So, don't worry, Kemana 2 is still under development. I hope I'm not tempted to released Cart Engine 7 based on qEngine 12. LoL.

Posted On: Aug-12-2016 @ 11:50pm
Last Updated: Aug-12-2016 @ 11:57pm

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