qEngine 11 is Now Available

qEngine 11 is Now Available

Awesome! qEngine 11 is now available for download! qEngine is a small & lightweight CMS which mostly aimed for my own purpose (LOL), but I hope this can help you building your own web site, small or big.

Changes in qEngine 11:

[QE] Bug fixes
[QE] New status for page: draft, published: public, member only, admin only -finally-
[QE] Content type now have default sorting method
[QE] Improved qComments
[QE] qComments now using ajax & can be approved by email
[QE] Site Slogan! -woohoo-
[QE] Modules are now easier to edit & manage
[QE] Popup shortcuts to manage modules if you are logged in as admin -yes!-
[QE] Slightly improved design
[QE] New debug information: tpl files used

Learn more here: https://www.c97.net/qengine-lightweight-fast-powerful-cms.php
Try it live here: https://www.c97.net/qengine-demo.php
Better yet, download for free here: https://www.c97.net/files/qengine-main-file.php

PS. While you are waiting for Kemana 2, why not visit my personal blog: seriously.c97.net, while it's mostly in Indonesian, you may learn something from it (or not).


Posted On: Nov-13-2015 @ 11:55am
Last Updated: Nov-14-2015 @ 12:18pm

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