qEngine 10 is Now Available

qEngine 10 is Now Available

Yippee ki yay! qEngine 10 is now available for download. qEngine 10 (qE) is the latest update to my CMS engine. qE is aimed for simple web site with powerful tools. It has powered hundreds of web sites around the world, and also, it powers my other scripts including Cart Engine & Kemana Directory.

What's new in qE 10?

[QE] Bug fixes
[QE] Update Bootstrap to 3.3.4
[QE] Update jQuery to 1.11.2
[QE] Update tinyMCE to 4.1.9
[QE] Update File Manager to accomodate new tinyMCE
[QE] Update other javascript libraries to newest one
[QE] Now bootstrap includes all default theme, component, javascript & css; including glyphons
[QE] Redesign the ACP! Awesome!
[QE] New default skin! Finally!

Well, mostly library updates, such as bootstrap, jquery, tinyMCE, etc. Also, new skin! Both UI & Administrator's skin are new!

So, if you are looking for a simple & lightweight CMS, yet you need powerful tools, you should pick up qEngine 10! And, oh, did I mention that it is free?

Learn more here: https://www.c97.net/qengine-lightweight-fast-powerful-cms.php
Try it live here: https://www.c97.net/qengine-demo.php
Better yet, download for free here: https://www.c97.net/files/qengine-main-file.php

Posted On: May-12-2015 @ 04:45am
Last Updated: May-15-2015 @ 06:04pm

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