qEncore for really simple CMS -- RELEASED!

Recently, I had a client who requested a simple web-app, it only consisted of 3-4 static pages and 2 forms. And the client requested for the web-app to be integrated with his own CMS, which was not based on qEngine, which also mean I couldn't use qEngine. I could, but it would be overkill to use it, as qEngine has its own content & user managers (which would not be used!).

I started to design the web site by using PHP & HTML without my beloved qEngine. I mixed PHP with HTML in one file, bad move! When the client wanted to change something, I had to modify all files. So I needed a template engine. I needed qEngine, but I couldn't use it.

Thus, I developed a simple version of qEngine, and it helped me much. I didn't have to modify all files just to replace comma with period, and the modified qEngine is very small and didn't need a database to run.

Because of that, I felt I should release the modified qEngine, so if anyone needs a very simple CMS, he can use it. Because it was a modified qEngine, I named it 'qEngine Core' aka 'qENCORE'. Cool name, eh?

qENCORE is a very simple CMS script based on qEngine, it doesn't need any database, and very small & fast. It only 500KB in size (without jQuery & BootStrap it is only 250KB), but it already has: template engine, captcha, responsive web design, jquery, bootstrap with popup, drop down menu, etc. And no database required!

Since qENCORE is very basic, it doesn't have: user & page management, user authentication, login/register, email log, administrator panel, and other qEngine advanced features.

So, if you need a basic CMS (a CMS that is not a CMS), you will love qENCORE. It's free to download, and it's available today! See the demo here.

If you have any questions, feel free to submit it to community forum or contact me directly.

Posted On: Dec-18-2014 @ 12:35am
Last Updated: Dec-18-2014 @ 12:39am

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