qEncore 2.0 Released!

qEncore 2.0 Released!

qEncore 2.0 is a really simple cms without the needs of database, but still packed with powerful features such as template engine, responsive skin, jquery, bootstrap, and other qEngine features.

If you need to build a simple web site for a company profile, consider using qEncore instead. Recently my client needs me to build a simple company profile using qEncore, as it doesn't need any database, the web site runs really quickly, and built really easily, I really don't lie!

Anyway, what's new in v2.0?

[QC] Bug fixes
[QC] Update some bootstrap & jQuery
[QC] Slight design tweak
[QC] Based on qEngine 11

Learn more here: https://www.c97.net/qencore-for-really-simple-cms.php
Try it live here: https://www.c97.net/qencore-demo.php
Better yet, download for free here: https://www.c97.net/files/qencore-main-file.php

Posted On: Nov-14-2015 @ 12:00pm
Last Updated: Nov-14-2015 @ 12:21pm

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