Kemana Directory 3 is Now Available with More Custom Fields

Kemana Directory 3 is Now Available with More Custom Fields

Kemana Directory 3 (K3) is now available for free download!

K3 is a multi purpose link directory script. It can be used to create: classified ads, online shop, product catalog, school database, company directory, and so on.

As K3 is based on qEngine, you can expect the same user friendliness and same small yet powerful features of qEngine with addition of modern link directory script, including backlink, backlink checkers, unlimited custom fields, premium & sponsored listings, and more.

Learn more about K3 here.
Download K3 for free.
Or better yet, buy the license for $10!

What's New?

Apart from bug fixes, there are some important updates in K3.

More Custom Fields

You can now add new custom fields to your site:

  • Multiple selection
  • Date
  • Time
  • Country
  • And those fields are searchable!

Sort Point

K3 has a new sorting method: "Default".

With default sorting method, listings will be displayed by considering several factors, ie: last updates, number of referral, rating & number of votes. You can assign the level of importance of each factor!

Other Changes

Version 3.0:
[QE] More bug fixes
[QE] Update JS libraries to latest versions, except chart.js, as version 2.0 is way much bigger than current one
[QE] Utilizing qadmin_log, you can now restore changed contents to older ones... Time Machine thingy
[QE] Change qAdmin Section into tabs for much cleaner interface
[QE] UI now has ACP short cuts when logged in as admin
[QE] Replace Google RSS with internal script
[QE] Removing IE8 supports. If you still need IE8 supports, please see
[QE] Removing BB code supports, as it is obsolete by now. Long life simplicity
[QE] Modify international clock
[QE] Update installer UI
[KE] Bug fixes
[KE] Category Browser
[KE] Backlinking
[KE] Backlink autochecker
[KE] Referral system, limited 1 IP 1 vote
[KE] Sort point implementation
[KE] Listing recount feature
[KE] New custom fields: multi select, date, time, country.

Posted On: Apr-14-2017 @ 10:20pm
Last Updated: Jun-12-2017 @ 09:32am

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