Kemana Directory 3.1 Now Available!

Kemana Directory 3.1 Now Available!

Kemana Directory v3.1 is now available for download. Version 3.1 mostly contains bug fixes & small improvement.

K3 is a multi purpose link directory script. It can be used to create: classified ads, online shop, product catalog, school database, company directory, and so on.

What's New?

[KE] Bug fixes
[KE] Categories without thumbnail image will use directory thumbnail image

Update From v3.0?

To update from v3.0, please use a differencing program to find which files have been changed, then copy the changed files to your installation.

I rarely create an updater as I'm lazy cool. But if you encounter any difficulty, you can contact me or visit the forum.


To download latest version of Kemana, please visit this page.

Learn more about Kemana here.

And better yet, purchase the license for as low as $10 here.

Posted On: Jun-01-2017 @ 02:15pm
Last Updated: Jun-12-2017 @ 09:37am

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