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I'm Back!


After spending more than one year on a big client's job, finally, I'm back! It has been a real pleasure working on a big job, but it sure takes a lot of time. But, finally it's done, and I'm ready to continue working on my pet, qEngine.

As you can see this site now looks a little bit different, that's because I'm using qEngine v6. It has many new features I have been planning for a long time, including:

I will upload qEngine v6.0 asap. And in the mean time, if you found broken links, please tell me. You can contact me or sent me a comment below.

PS. Currently I'm testing qE6 on this site. So expect unexpected results. But please report me if you found anything wrong.

Posted On: Apr-24-2013 @ 10:25pm
Last Updated: Apr-24-2013 @ 10:49pm

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