Got Ideas for Kemana 3.2? Tell me here!

Got Ideas for Kemana 3.2? Tell me here!

I'm currently working on Kemana 3.2 (sort of). Some of planned updates (apart from bug fixes):

  • Ability to skip detail page entirely. So clicking on 'Details' will bring visitors to the destination web site instead.
  • New custom field types.
  • Some design tweaks.
  • Ability to switch between grid & list view in ke_core module.
  • Much smarter & faster search.
  • Finally comes with an upgrader from Kemana 3.1.
  • And since it will use qEngine 16.1, it will adopt all new features & changes from qEngine 16.1, including Bootstrap NavBar instead of Superfish.

If you have any ideas for Kemana, please send them to me. You can use this comment form, contact me form or Facebook page.

Expect Kemana 3.2 in next month or two.

Posted On: Aug-25-2017 @ 10:25pm
Last Updated: Aug-25-2017 @ 10:38pm

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