Forum is Now Reopened

Forum is Now Reopened

I had a community forum set up, but because of my lack of dedication (and money), I often forgot to visit the forums, so some questions were never answered. To make it worse, there were more spam topics than actual real topics.

But, now, I have reopened a new forum. Not really a forum, but a special section dedicated to answer your questions.

So if you have any questions about the scripts, eg technical problems, installation problems, bug reports, or anything else, please use the Contact Me form. And I will post your questions along with its answer in the 'forum'.

And if you have any comments regarding my answers, you can always post your comments on the related page.

I will restore some topics from old forum to this new forum asap.

You can visit the new forum here:

PS. Did you know that you can now buy a license for as low as $1?

Posted On: Apr-10-2017 @ 02:00pm
Last Updated: Apr-10-2017 @ 02:22pm

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