Cart2 PRO v2.3 Released

It's finally here! Cart97 PRO v2.x powered by our brand new qEngine 4.0, making it yet one of the easiest yet most flexible shopping cart available!

It changes everything... again (literally, the upgrade replaces lots of files, sorry guys).

With new module engine, you can add up to 40 modules without editing a single php or tpl line! Better yet, you can add page menu to 4 positions (instead of 1). And don't forget, we are moving to jQuery.js, opening Cart2 to thousands of jQuery plug ins.

Go get it now, while it's hot & free!

Version 2.3:
[QE] NEW! Upgrade to qEngine 4.0
[QE] Minor fixes
[QE] Replace guestbook with qComment
[QE] New skin folder: _common, to simplify skin designing
[QE] Replace prototype.js with jquery.js
[QE] Page menu now can be placed in four positions
[QE] Module now can be placed in eight positions
[C2] Fix Other minor fixes
[C2] Fix Bulk Upload
[C2] Fix List all product
[C2] Fix UTF8 problem
[C2] NEW? Nothing new, simply want to upgrade to qE4.0. Wait for 2.4 for more new features!

Posted On: Aug-02-2010 @ 07:00am
Last Updated: Jan-01-1970 @ 07:00am

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