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Cart2 PRO v2.2 Released


Cart2 v2.2 is a major upgrade from v2.1, lots of enhanments added, including add captcha to more forms to prevent spamming, copy products, control number of downloads, etc.

If you are upgrading from v2.1 to v2.2, and already made many changes to v2.1, you may find it difficult to upgrade, but don't worry, it will worth your efforts — or call us for help (reasonable rates!) Laughing

Version 2.2:
[C2] Fix "Notice: Undefined variable: foo in XXXXXXX on line 595"
[C2] Fix Price includes tax
[C2] Fix Tax not calculating Correctly
[C2] Fix USPS bugs
[C2] Fix RSS link
[C2] Fix RSS output
[C2] Fix Coupon creation email bug
[C2] Fix Coupon "Remove all claimed" bug
[C2] Fix Optimize DB
[C2] Fix Shop search
[C2] Fix SKU as optional
[C2] NEW! More SKU integration (searchable from UI & ACP)
[C2] NEW! More multiple category integration (searchable from UI & ACP)
[C2] NEW! Choose order of category list
[C2] NEW! Copy products (option: with cf & images)
[C2] NEW! Qty box always visible
[C2] NEW! Control number of download
[QE] Upgrade to qEngine 3.5
[QE] More fix for qEngine 3.5 (3.5.1)

Posted On: Mar-25-2010 @ 07:00am
Last Updated: Jan-01-1970 @ 07:00am

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