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Cart Engine: Calling Beta Testers


The wait is almost over! Cart Engine is almost here! But I need your help to test the script. If you are interested to be a part of (my Smile) history, you can now be a beta tester for Cart Engine 3.0.

It's as simple as submitting your email address, then I will send you the link to download the script. The beta version will be available to download in 1-2 days, but reserve your seat now!

By being a beta tester you will receive an early copy of Cart Engine, so it (should be) buggy, but don't worry, that's what a beta version for. Please inform any bugs you encounter during using the script.

In return, I will fix the bugs; give you really big thanks... and a copy of final version of Cart Engine 3 with a commercial license intact (terms & conditions applied)!

So, what are you waiting for? Be a part of (my) history, and submit your email address now!

Posted On: Nov-19-2013 @ 07:10pm
Last Updated: Nov-19-2013 @ 07:23pm

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