Cart Engine: Beta Update 2

Today I have just sent Cart Engine Beta Update 2. If you haven't registered as a beta tester, you can do that easily by contacting us. More fixes in Beta Update 2, including: Unicode Support (you can now open your shop in Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, etc), Unicode URL Support, some fixes, and more.

As soon as no more bugs are reported, I will release the Cart Engine to the public for FREE!

So, keep in touch, and visit this site regularly!

Posted On: Dec-01-2013 @ 06:15pm
Last Updated: Dec-17-2013 @ 10:31pm

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Beta Testing
Thanks I had tested this latest beta you sent, working very fine to my end, Great you really did hard work on it. Regards

Guest Dec-01-2013
After the purchase downloadable goods, can not find the download link address

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ac2855 Dec-08-2013

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