Cart Engine 5.1 is Now Available

Cart Engine 5.1 is Now Available

You can now download Cart Engine 5.1 (CE), which consists of:

[CE] Redesign some elements' CSS
[CE] Bug fixes
[QE] Bug fixes

In this version, I have re-arranged some elements' CSS to give better & nicer layout, especially on the default skin, so it doesn't look messy as in version 5.0.

Also, I have made some bug fixes, especially with images in detail page.

You can download the CE5.1 in the download page.

Since I decided to keep only one version of each of my apps, thus if you need older version of an app (for whatever the reason is), please contact me.

If you need help to upgrade your old installation of any of my app, you can also contact me. For minor version (such as CE5.0 to CE5.1), you can use any differencing program, such as WinMerge, as the changes usually in php & tpl files and not affect the database structure.

Read more about Cart Engine The Free & Open Source PHP Shopping Cart here.


Posted On: Mar-12-2015 @ 12:00am
Last Updated: May-15-2015 @ 06:02pm

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