C3 Updates

It has been a long time since I posted something on this web site. So I think I will post something now Smile

As you may have known, I'm working on C3 right now. So far it has been progressing slowly, but I enjoy it. Some new features had been added to C3 are:

  • Updated the core engine to qEngine 6.0
  • Digital product is now easier, no more custom field to add.
  • SEO URL? Yes of course!
  • I merged product list & product search to only one script & one skin file. This should make customizing C3 easier, and also both functions will have the same features.
  • New custom field engine. Easier? You bet.
  • Custom field can be attached to specific categories only.
  • Product list can be filtered by custom field.
  • And filtering is made by using ajax, so no page reloading.
  • View by list & grid.

Planned features to be added:

  • Simpler product option manager. I'm still considering between current (C2) product option but with easier manager; or a new product option where each product has its own product option (ie. if you need the same options, you have to either copy it from another product or create from scratch).
  • Everything more modular. Including featured products, new products, popular products, payment portal, shipping portal, etc.
  • New skin with responsive design (if possible).

But I also removed some unnecessary features such as manual transaction.

If you have any ideas, feel free to send me one by using the comment or direct email.

Cheers! Cool

Posted On: Aug-14-2013 @ 10:10am
Last Updated: Aug-14-2013 @ 10:23am

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I always liked your scripts they are really best and useful and we are very eagerly waiting for the release of new CS3. Regards Ajay, India

Guest Aug-14-2013
like your script
I really like your script, hoping to increase the multi-language support.

ac2855 Aug-29-2013

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