C3 Updates: Shipping & Payment Modules

In Cart3 (C3), I'm trying to use modules as much as possible instead of Cart2's inline features. I believe this approach will allow future expansion of C3 to be much easier than C2.

For example, in C3, shipping & payment gateways are modules. This means you can add new shipping or payment gateways without touching the C3 codes or waiting for C3 new version.


But, why stop at shipping & payment gateways? In C3, most of the features are modules, including: shipping, payment gateway, custom fields, product options, sub products, feature products, new products, popular products, random products, comments, etc. Basically, I want to create a shopping cart engine that can run without modules as a simple & basic shopping cart. But add some modules, and it will transform to modern & powerful shopping cart.

Rest assured, I will keep the administration panel to be user friendly, I don't believe with great features comes complicated administration panel Wink.

Posted On: Sep-20-2013 @ 01:05am
Last Updated: Sep-20-2013 @ 01:15am

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