C3 Updates: Product Options & Sub Products

New Product Options


In Cart2, you have to add Product Option preset using a separate script, then add the preset to the product using product manager. The problem arises when you need a slightly different options (eg: different color choices), then you need to create a new preset. And also you can't assign different price to the same product option, you need to create a new preset. In the end you may end up with a lot of confusing presets:

  • T-Shirt Color Set 1 - Blue, black
  • T-Shirt Color Set 2 - Blue, black, white
  • T-Shirt Color Set 1 with Price - Blue, black
  • etc

In Cart3 (C3), I've changed how product option management works.You no longer need to define product option presets, instead the product option is an integrated part of product manager. You can define unique options to each product, see above image. And you can define different choices, prices & stocks for each option, no longer need to create lots of product option presets. The bottom line, each product has its own options.

New Sub Products


Sub product is a feature to list several products along with a main product. This way, your visitors can buy some products under a single page instead of visiting the product page one-by-one. The best example is a custom build pc. You can offer your visitors to customize the PC, by purchasing the components (storage size, monitor size, ram size, etc) from a single page.

In Cart2, it's not very comfortable to add a sub product, you need to manually enter the product ID. In Cart3, you can do inline product search. And also you can group sub products. For example, you can group several "hard disk" products to "Storage" group, so your visitors can select a product to buy along with the main product.

Final Words

I hope you can understand my bad english. You can always contact me to ask anything, or submit your ideas. Currently I'm converting all payment & shipping gateway to modules. This should allow future gateways to be added more easily to C3. Stay tune for more updates!

Posted On: Sep-11-2013 @ 09:10pm
Last Updated: Sep-11-2013 @ 09:33pm

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