C3 is now Cart Engine

Good bye Cart97 PRO v3, welcome Cart Engine 3. Well, the confusing name of Cart97 PRO is now gone.

I decided to rename Cart97 PRO to Cart Engine, no more numbering, just plain simple name. Also I decided to not reset the versioning back to 1.0, but continuing the current versioning. So the next Cart Engine to be released is v3.0, or Cart Engine 3, or CE3 for short.

So, what am I doing with CE3 now? Well, basically CE3 is almost finished. Yes, it's right, almost finish. Currently I'm fixing and tidying up old features, such as Tell a Friend, Newsletter, etc. Later, I will start alpha testing. Then beta testing, and finally, public release.


Posted On: Oct-25-2013 @ 12:15am
Last Updated: Oct-25-2013 @ 12:20am

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