mBlog: Simplest Blogging


mBlog is a simple blogging script. It should be enough for your blogging needs.

it's FREE

Like our other scripts, mBlog is free!


mBlog provide basic blogging needs, including: categorized entries, multiple editors, comments approval, history, user registration, rss, and so on.

mBlog doesn't complicate you with confusing add-ons, privacy settings, and other unnecessary stuffs.

Template Driven

Powered by qEngine, designing mBlog to match your style is very easy. PHP code is separated with design code, so you don't need to touch a single line of PHP code!


  • mBlog is no longer supported, but you can ask questions in our forum.
  • mBlog is using older version of qEngine, some new features (such as mobile version, better wysiwyg editor) not available in this version.


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