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Where is the support?

Please visit this page.

How do I install qEngine/Cart Engine/Kemana?
How do I customize qEngine/Cart Engine/Kemana?

Please refer to this getting started document.

Where can I download the script?

All scripts can be downloaded in Download Page.

Where can I get more modules?
Where can I get more skins/templates/themes?

Modules and add-ons are offered to gold member only. I will develop at least one add-on (skin or module) each month.

If you want to create your own skins, you can learn how-to here. And learn how to develop a module here.

Alternatively, you can hire me for custom development.

What is the system requirements?

  • Apache or IIS based server, or anything that can run PHP & MySQL should be able to run my scripts.
  • PHP v4 (v5 is recommended)
  • MySQL database
  • GD Library v1 (v2 is recommended)

Your script is the best! How can I show my appreciation?

Thank you. We are glad that you like it. If you like the script please support it by:

  1. Purchasing a commercial license!
  2. Promoting the script, tell your friends, submit a review to your favorite review sites, etc.
  3. Writing to us
  4. Get involved in the forum.

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