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Where is the support?

Visit this page for the documentations. Or visit our forum for open discussion.

And finally, contact me to send me questions about installation, technical problems, bug reports, security issues, etc.

If you need modification, please contact me here.

How do I install qEngine/Cart Engine/Kemana?
How do I customize qEngine/Cart Engine/Kemana?

Please refer to this getting started document.

Where can I download the free script?

All scripts can be downloaded in Download Page.

Where can I get more modules?
Where can I get more skins/templates/themes?

You can download new modules and skins in Add-Ons page. I try to develop at least one add-on (skin or module) each month.

If you want to create your own skins or develop a module here, please follow the documentation.

Alternatively, you can hire me for custom development.

What is the system requirements?

  • Apache or IIS based server, or anything that can run PHP & MySQL should be able to run my scripts.
  • PHP v5.x or later
  • MySQL database
  • GD Library v1 (v2 is recommended)

Your script is the best! How can I show my appreciation?

Thank you. We are glad that you like it. If you like the script please support it by:

  1. Purchasing a commercial license!
  2. Promoting the script, tell your friends, submit a review to your favorite review sites, etc.
  3. Writing to us
  4. Get involved in the forum.

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