Kemana: The Ultimate PHP Directory Script


Start your own business with Kemana Directory!

Open your own business directory, classifieds, link indexing, and more with ease!
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multi purpose

Multi Purpose

Use Kemana to open car classifieds, company directory, product catalogs, you name it. Thanks to built-in custom fields.

multi directory

Multi Directory

You only need one license to open multiple directory in one web site. No needs to purchase more licenses!

make money

Make Money

Kemana comes with Sponsored Listings & Premium Listings, so you can make money while building awesome website.

make it yours

Make it Yours

Kemana is template driven, everything you see can be modified using standard HTML tags with simple template tags.

mobile friendly

Mobile Friendly

With responsive web design approach, visitors can visit your web site from any devices and enjoy comfortable views.

search engine friendly

Search Engine Friendly

Be number one, with Kemana's built-in SEO engine, including friendly URL, keywords & all HTML contents.

So, What Are You Waiting For? Download now, and start building your website today!