Kemana: Features

What is Kemana?

Kemana is a flexible directory listing script which can be used for multiple purposes, such as: link directory, classified ads, school yearbook, product catalog, car dealers, real estate, and more.

It has been developed using latest web technology, including HTML5, CSS3, ajax, bootstrap, responsive web design, minimalist default skin, WYSIWYG editor, etc. to ensure the best user experience without sacrificing web site security.

Why Kemana?

Kemana is not just a link indexing script, but a powerful tool to create your own web site, be that business directory, hobby directory, link directory, school year book, product catalog, etc.

Kemana comes with great support of SEO tools, including search engine friendly URL, keywords for each page & listing, responsive web design, HTML5, CSS3 to improve your web site accessibility.

You can also make money with Kemana, as it comes with built-in premium & sponsored listings, with real time PayPal IPN supports.

Also, Kemana is mobile friendly. Open your web site in a smartphone, or tablet, and watch how it is wonderfully adapts to small screens.

Why Link Directory?

Search engines like Google & Bing are the primary choices for most people in looking for information, but search engine is not a directory.

Search engine crawls the world wide web and gather information by using a complex algorithm to determine the importance of a web site. On the other hand, web directory is human powered, who manually curates the web sites in order to build a high quality web directory.

Because of this, more and more web sites are optimized for search engines not human, which may include some tricks to fool search engine to think that a web site is full of quality contents. While in reality the web site only contains links and randomly generated contents. The end result is a poor quality web site only intended to attract visitors to make money.

On the other hand, a high quality web directory curated by real human, with a specific rules in mind which produces a high quality collection of links that hard to achieve even with most modern search engines.


  • Multiple directory in one site by using one script.
  • Unlimited number of items & links.
  • Unlimited number of categories.
  • Unlimited pages & web contents with easy to use CMS.
  • Unlimited custom fields to enrich your web site.
  • Custom field supported:
    • Short text, long text.
    • Image upload, file upload,
    • Google Maps location
    • Video embed
    • Drop down select, multi select, radio select.
    • Date, time, URL.
    • Phone, country list.
  • Custom fields can be displayed in search results & details.
  • Custom fields & categories orders can be sorted manually.
  • Premium & sponsored listing
    • With easy order management to set up pricing for each directory.
    • PayPal IPN support for automated billing.
  • Backlinking support
    • Automatically verify backlink URL.
  • Search engine friendly URL.
  • Responsive web design for default skin.
  • HTML5 & CSS3 for better performance.
  • CMS based, but not a CMS with plugins, means better performance.
  • Mobile friendly, adapt to small screen wonderfully.
  • Ability to limit listing addition for admin only, useful for online product catalog.
  • Allow/disallow guest to add listings with optional email confirmation.
  • Hidden listings.
  • Member only listings.
  • Random banner supports.
  • Captcha for better security.
  • Contents are cached for better performance.
  • Newsletter subscription.
  • Add listings to member's favorites.
  • Listings can be reviewed & rated.
  • Search results can be filtered by category, rating and custom fields.
  • Search results can be displayed in grids or flat list.
  • And many more.

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