Kemana: FAQ

What's with the name?

Kemana in Indonesian means, "where" as in "where are you going to?".

Does Kemana work with Directory97 PRO's database?

Unfortunatelly, due to Kemana's features, Kemana database doesn't compatible with Directory97 (Dir97) PRO.

Fortunatelly, we provide data import service to move your Dir97 PRO database to Kemana. Please see Purchasing Information page for our rate.

Is Kemana the same with Directory97 PRO version 2?

Yes, and no. Kemana is based on Dir97 PRO, but rebuilt from scratch. So, almost no code from Dir97 PRO re-used in Kemana. It has completely different database, different codes, and different layout.

And, there will be no Dir97 PRO v2, as we replace it with Kemana.

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