Change Log

Version 3.2 / 20170903:
[KE] Bug fixes, thanks to Mario Kästner (
[KE] English language tidied up by Peter Walker (
[KE] Much better search, visitors can search anything (title, description, custom field) and provide more accurate results
[KE] Category list in welcome now have clickable thumbs
[KE] Replace circle rating with classic but trustworthy rating star
[KE] Lock menu editing for directory related items
[KE] Shortened description text in grid mode, you should use grid mode for image focussed listings
[KE] Removed site wide features as it overlapped with directory features
[KE] 'No Detail' mode, when clicked will open the target web site instead of detail page
[KE] New custom field types: URL & Video (Youtube & Vimeo only)
[KE] Ke_core module allows visitors to change view mode (requires DIV ID)
[KE] Allow URL masking to hide real URL (useful for referral)
[QE] As always, bug fixes
[QE] Add more permissions
[QE] Tidy up image library
[QE] Drop Newsletter feature. You can use mailchimp or yahoogroups to manage newsletter.
[QE] Drop country table, replaced with /includes/countrylist.php file.
[QE] Admin can no longer login from front end. This will defeat the purpose of renaming the ACP.

Version 3.1 / 20170531:
[KE] Bug fixes
[KE] Categories without thumbnail image will use directory thumbnail image

Version 3.0 / 20170401:
[QE] More bug fixes
[QE] Update JS libraries to latest versions, except chart.js, as version 2.0 is way much bigger than current one
[QE] Utilizing qadmin_log, you can now restore changed contents to older ones... Time Machine thingy
[QE] Change qAdmin Section into tabs for much cleaner interface
[QE] UI now has ACP short cuts when logged in as admin
[QE] Replace Google RSS with internal script
[QE] Removing IE8 supports. If you still need IE8 supports, please see
[QE] Removing BB code supports, as it is obsolete by now. Long life simplicity
[QE] Modify international clock
[QE] Update installer UI
[KE] Bug fixes
[KE] Category Browser
[KE] Backlinking
[KE] Backlink autochecker
[KE] Referral system, limited 1 IP 1 vote
[KE] Sort point implementation
[KE] Listing recount feature
[KE] New custom fields: multi select, date, time, country.

Version 2.0.1:
[KE] Remove ionCube requirement, and re-release it as a completely free!

Version 2.0.0:
[KE] Uh...... too much to list the changes here. Kemana 2 is a complete rewrite from scratch of Kemana.
[QE] Uses qEngine 12.1 (Kemana 2 edition)

Version 1.5.6:
[QE] Renamed /etc/ folder to /misc/ - some servers don't allow user access to /etc/ folder

Version 1.5.5:
[QE] Blank page after installation -
[QE] PHP error when using the "£" Symbol -
[QE] UTF-8 for email messages -
[QE] Custom date & time words -
[KE] Tell Friend & Report This Link don't work -
[KE] No article/portal link in ACP -
[KE] Custom field FILE/IMAGE removal problem -
[KE] NEW! Payment gateway: Click-n-Stash (thanks bwc2)
[KE] NEW! Payment gateway: NoChex

Version 1.3:
[KE] Fix category cache
[KE] Fix str_ireplace problem for PHP4
[KE] Fix url problem in mobile view
[KE] Fix comment link in ACP
[KE] Fix qcomment module -- disabling SEF URL for module for now
[KE] Add more breadcrumb for multiple directory (btw, if you feel it's too long, either you can remove the breadcrumb, or buy a license) -- or create your own JS to remove the "Powered by ..." from the body (not the HTML title) -- yes, it's allowed!
[KE] Fix endless redirection after approving a change
[KE] Convert article management to module
[QE] Updated to v3.5 -- many fixes, including anti-spam

Version 1.2:
[KE] Fix category order
[KE] Fix category separator
[KE] Fix category structure
[KE] Fix portal content
[KE] Reorganize ACP menu
[QE] Fix cache behaviour
[QE] Add auto-recache for qadmin
[QE] After sending email in ACP, return to correct page instead of previous page
[QE] Captcha automatically revert back to GD1 if TTF not supported by GD2

Version 1.1.3:
[KE] Minor fixes
[KE] Fix installation under Windows

Version 1.1.2:
[QE] Add select/deselect all for multi checkbox

Version 1.1.1:
[QE] Update http-headers to enforce Firefox to accept correct charset

Version 1.1:
[KE] Rebuild engine, so it's now much faster than v1.0. In some sites, it's 6x faster.
[KE] Small fixes

Version 1.0:
[KE] First release


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