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Using qEngine as Download Center


You may notice that I have updated the download center by using new qEngine's content manager. You may wonder how to use qEngine as a simple download center. Here's how I do it:

  1. In ACP, go to Contents > Manage Types, I add a new type: Download Center, using identifier "FILES".
    Don't forget to set "Yes" for "Allow attachment?" option. So you can upload any file (not just images) to your article.
  2. Then, as usual, in ACP, go to Contents > Manage Categories, add some new categories, eg: qEngine Files, Cart97 Files, Kemana Files & Other Files.
  3. When all is done, it's now time to add some contents. To do that go to Contents > Manage Contents. Don't forget to upload the file as attachment.
  4. Save, and you are done. You can add the link to the category from Menu Manager.
  5. Ok, I lied on step 3, I didn't add the files manually, instead I imported from old download database. Laughing

I guess, that's all. Really simple. This is how it looks like in the user interface:


Posted On: May-18-2013 @ 04:20am
Last Updated: Sep-20-2017 @ 10:57pm

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