qEngine & Cache

qEngine uses cache to speed up your site. The cache is automatically generated when someone first visit a page. If qE can't find a stored cache, it will create a cache. So the next visitors will be displayed the content from stored cache.

The first visitor to visit an uncached page (page without stored cached) may experience slower performance, but subsequent visitors will experience faster performance. You can see the performance by visiting an uncached page, and notice the performance report (in default skin it's located at the bottom right of the page), eg: Generated in 0.033 second | 23 queries. Then refresh the page, and you will see a better performance, eg: Generated in 0.008 second | 14 queries. It's 75% faster, and 40% less mysql queries.

Cache is regenerated every 1 hour (default setting). Cache must be  regenerated peridocally to keep the cache fresh and up to date. But that doesn't mean you need to wait for 1 hour before a change made displayed. qE will automatically regenerated cache for changed contents.

If you want to change how often the cache regenerated, you can do so:

  1. Go to ACP > Tools > Site Configuration > Primary Settings
  2. Open the tab "Engine Settings"
  3. Find the setting: Regenerate Script Cache, set it to desired time (in seconds).

If you want to disable cache, repeat the same steps as above, but set the value to 0 (zero).

Cache Performance

The next table show comparison between cache enabled & non-cache enabled performance from a single page.

  First Visit Subsequent Visits Increase in Performance
Cache Enabled 0.033 seconds, 23 queries 0.008 seconds, 14 queries 75% faster, 40% less queries
Cache Disabled 0.018 seconds, 18 queries 0.018 seconds, 18 queries -

As you can see enabling cache will decrease performance on first visit, but increase performance on subsquent visits. On the contrary, disabling cache will provide more stable performance albeit slower than cache enabled.

PS. when you are designing a skin, be sure to disable cache.

Posted On: May-10-2013 @ 03:25am
Last Updated: Sep-20-2017 @ 10:57pm

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