Video Upload?

Can videos be uploaded?

I assume your question is about “Kemana Directory”.

Kemana supports file upload custom field which can be use to upload videos.

But there are some considerations:

  1. How big is the file. If the file too big (100 mb), the file uploading process may time out.
    To solve this, you need to convert the upload form by using Ajax Uploader, eg:
  2. How fast is your (or your visitors) internet connection to upload the video.
  3. How the video will be presented to visitors.
    By default all uploaded files will be presented as downloadable attachment. If you need to display it as a video a la Youtube, you need to modify the Kemana output. You can do so by editing the /detail.php file line 101

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Posted On: Aug-28-2017 @ 11:50pm
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