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1. In the index.php we have read the following."Kemana can only stored  about 4400 ipv4 address, or 1650 ipv6 address. When Kemana can no longer  store ip history, it will remove oldest entries? Why is this so and can one change that?

Kemana needs to store “REFERRAL” ip address, in order to avoid duplicate references. So same IP address can only be re-referred after other 4400 other unique ip addresses. Which is more than enough.

Kemana doesn’t limit number of ads, categories or users. Referral is a promotional method, where you (as a member not owner), promote a site. By promoting a web site, you got extra benefit, in this case better ad position.

2. A search for two parameters at the same time is not possible. It is  only a search for a parameter possible. Either title or body of an ad.  Can you suggest that or suggest a change? Since we will offer a search
for "services" in a "city" is a search with 2 parameters especially important.

Kemana searches in title, body and all ‘text type’ custom field of any listings. But the all searched words must exist in the same fields. Eg, if you search "iphone london". It will search title for "iphone london", body also "iphone london", and custom field also "iphone london". You can't make Kemana to search "iphone" in title, and "london" in custom field, without code modification.

Or you can make the "city" as drop down list. This way, visitors can search for "iphone" and limit the search search result to a certain city.

3.In the customer fields which are created by the admin is a  multiplication and search not by "," separable. All words in the field will be clickable for search. It makes sense to separate the words "to  make a search for only one word. Do you know a solution?

To avoid user confusion, Kemana only search whole words only in custom field. Eg, if the keywords are 'light blue', it will only search for 'light blue', but not 'light' or 'blue'.

If you need to modify this behaviour, please refer to detail.php, line 111-134, I have included some instruction to modify the results. You need some PHP knowledge to do this. Or you can hire me to do it for you.

4. Since our customers have different opening times on different  weekdays, it is necessary to enter this in the customer account within the advertisements. So the display shows the daily opening times. For  this, a dropdown menu is provided in which the weekday and the opening time (Tenth) can be selected from - until. Do you know a solution?

Again, it’s possible by changing detail.php. So, you need to create 4 custom fields:

  • Work Day start hour
  • Work Day end hour
  • Week End start hour
  • Week End end hour
  • Then display the result in a simple table:
    • Work Day: 08:00-18:00
    • Week Day: 09:00-15:00

5. Sometimes a registration as a normal customer (after registration) is difficult, because the invalid fails. One logs several times one at a  time works it anyway. What is the reason?

I never experienced this. Please use different browsers to test different login & registration (one browser for admin, the other for users). Do not use same browser to test different users, as some browsers may confuse the cookies, especially Firefox.

6. We have removed the module "Featured Listings" from our site https://www.n*** because no one could find any meaning in  the module. What is the module for?

There was a problem with Kemana 3.0’s featured listing. If you are using v3.0, please download v3.1.

Featured listing can be used to pin or promote some ads in the front page. You can do so by going to ACP > Listings > Multiple Directory, pick a directory, and see the “Featured listing” options.

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Posted On: Jul-26-2017 @ 02:20pm
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