MyISAM to InnoDB conversion

I found the error and it was completely my own fault. At the moment I am running one of the biggest Social Media platforms to built Rss Feeds, Blogs, Hosting etc. and all my 'mysql' databases are running on MariaDb Galera 10.1 nodes. To get Galera running well and be able to use master - master replication it is needed to use InnoDb tables.

I saw your tables were still in MyIsam and so I converted them to InnoDb and re-installed everything and changed the setting within the sql install file. After that all was running well. Maybe an idea for you too to convert the sql install file to InnoDb when you do not really need MyIsam. I saw something from Rss Feeds on your site too. When you like to  talk about this with me just let me know!

Thanks again. Give me a few days to test and I will send you with all pleasure 25 or 50 Usd if thats what you want. I do not need any additional support because probably I am going to build a lot extra functions around your script.

But thanks anyway!

For now please enjoy your weekend!



Sorry for the late reply, I got your email last night, so I couldn’t reply it.

I understand that  you have fixed the problem. What were the solution? I was going to reply like this: “try to download the script, and reinstall”.

Yes, the script still uses MyIsam for database for performance reason, and as the script doesn’t really use InnoDB features, such as row locking, foreign key, etc. But I’m considering to move to InnoDB in upcoming releases.

About this “something from RSS Feed”, which one are you referring to?

Donation are always welcomed, but please take your time, I’m not pressuring anyone to donate

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Posted On: Jul-26-2017 @ 01:45pm
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