Miscellaneous Problem fixed in Kemana 3.1

Hello, With the SEF URL enabled, the system does not rewrite my existing 3 directories and sends them to the home page. All other pages (categories, links, pages) are correctly rewritten and are working. I have not modified the script nor .htacces. Where is the problem in script or .htacces ? Best regards, Razvan

Hi, please try the following:

  1. Try to refresh menu cache, by using: Contents > Manage Menu > Refresh Cache for All Menu.
  2. Or, Tools > Optimize DB

Hello Cunaedy,

I try to refresh menu cache and optimize DB, but don't work.

Site URL:  http://www.d***s.cu.cc/

There is a bug in my script, please use the attached ‘index.php’ to fix it.

You should place it in /index.php (top folder).

(This problem has been fixed in Kemana 3.1).

Work fine now. But I have another bugs:

  1. When I want to submit a link or category, logo image don't load. Strange is that it went when I installed Kemana Directory.
  2. When I want to promote listings site-wide, they are not displayed.

I found this error in My Favorite page(/account.php?cmd=fave) from My Account:

"You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ')) LIMIT 9999' at line 1"

But when add a favorite listing to My Favorite this error disappears and display listing.


  1. I couldn’t open your web site (again), so I couldn’t test it. But in my local server, it works fine, ie. I can upload images. Make sure that you have:
    1. Allow image upload in Tools > Site Config > Engine Settings > [Tab] Engine Settings > Allow these files to be uploaded: default is ‘jpg,jpeg,bmp,gif,png,pcx,zip,7z,doc,xls,ppt,txt,ico’.
    2. Or your folder of ‘/public/listing’ & ‘/public/listing_thumb’ is writeable (try CHMOD 777)
  2. You are correct, I didn’t add the correct syntax in my script.
    1. Open /skins/default/welcome.tpl
    2. Somewhere, add the following lines:
<div class="row">
<!-- BEGINMODULE ke_core -->
mode = item_list
items = site_featured
dir_id = {$dir_id}
display = grid
csswrapper = col-sm-4 col-md-3
<!-- ENDMODULE -->

Thanks again for your help.

I am from Romania, EU and if you want I can help you to translate your script in Romanian for free. I have seen that your script is also translated in italian language.

Maybe it is helpful.

No problem. You are welcome to report any bugs you found.

About the translation, it will be really appreciated. You can use the built in language tool to translate it. Please don’t feel to be rushed, take your time.

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