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Hay, I'm currently working with one of your free script and enabled the facebook comments under listing and as I was testing it I notice Facebook is Up-grading there app. They are warning everyone that it could effect their websites so I thought I would give you a head-up. Here is the link... (developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/comments/?utm_campaign=social_plugins&utm_medium=offsite_pages&utm_source=comments_plugin) P.S. remember to add the " https:// " at the begin of the link. Cheers!

By discontinuing the old FB comment plug in, meaning I will have to add “Facebook App” configuration in the script.

But this also means site owners finally able to moderate the comments.

The problem is, requesting Facebook App ID may be a little difficult for non tech savvy people

(PS: it seems not the case, FB social plug in still supports old style commenting system without moderation).

Speaking of Apps,
Do you offer any for your current scripts or would you be willing to build one, lets say like Appypie.com offers?

No I don’t have any apps, as I’m not really familiar with mobile development (Swift, Java or C#). Hopefully someday I will have some time to learn them.

For appypie.com, I still have to see, and consider what to offer with an app.

I Understand,

I "thought" about learning how to develop them myself and that's as far as I got. I just have to many other projects going right now. Anyway good luck if you should decide to develop one and if you do than  keep me in minds. Cheers!

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Posted On: Jul-26-2017 @ 01:50pm
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