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Hallo, wir haben interesse an der "Kemana" Modul in Gold und haben noch fragen. 1. ist das Modul auch SSL tauglich? 2. Welche mindestanforderung benötigt der Server 3. gibt es eine Deutsches Sprachpaket für front- & back end? 4. ist eine umkreissuche (stadt) möglich? 5. welche module sind in der "gold" edition enthalten? vielen dank für die antwort.


I’m sorry, I don’t understand German, so I use translator:

Kemana is available for free download, but I accept donation. With each donation, I will give you some rewards.

  1. Kemana is compatible with https or SSL.
  2. The server requirement: PHP 5.x (not yet compatible with PHP 7.x, but upcoming update will be), MySQL database, and GD Library v2.0
  3. There is no language pack for German for the moment, hopefully someone will submit a translated version someday.
  4. City search? Do you mean Google Maps? If so, yes, Kemana has Google Map support with location detection (requires Google API Key & SSL server)
  5. Unfortunately, I have not released any module or skin for Gold reward

To 4. Search: is it possible to have a "concept" in a "city" with circle search? Example ... Car "Audi" in "Berlin" circle "50 miles" search.

Unfortunately, not out-of-the-box.

But, in theory you can do it by using custom field, and some custom scripting:

  1. I have not tested this yet, but you should get the idea.
  2. Create a [Google Map] custom field to accept dealer location (latitude & longitude).
  3. Modify the script to search by radius, by using the following code:

SELECT*,(3959* acos(cos(radians('".$lat."'))* cos(radians(lat))* cos( radians(long)- radians('".$lng."'))+ sin(radians('".$lat."'))*sin(radians(lat))))AS distance FROM carpark WHERE distance<15 ORDER BY distance LIMIT0,10

Hopefully that will give you some idea of doing so.

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