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qEngine (qE) is a lightweight, fast, yet feature packed CMS script to help you building your site quickly. Using template engine to separate the php codes from the design, you don't need to touch the codes to design your web site. qE is also expandable by using modules.

Set up your web site in seconds! You can publish pages, articles, blogs, news, image gallery, any documents you can think of. A major advantage of using a CMS is that it requires almost no technical skill or knowledge to manage your web site.


Version 16.3.0 / 20180402:
[QE] As always, bug fixes
[QE] Simplify file structures
[QE] Update javascript library to latest version (except BootStrap)
[QE] BIG ONE! Added inline editing capability!
[QE] New module: multipage
[QE] Update module: slideshow now can be categorized

Version 16.2.0 / 20170924:
[QE] As always, bug fixes
[QE] Pages now can limit who can download attachment
[QE] Which means, removing of file download permissions

Version 16.1.0 / 20170824:
[QE] As always, bug fixes
[QE] Add more permissions
[QE] Tidy up image library
[QE] Drop Newsletter feature. You can use mailchimp or yahoogroups to manage newsletter.
[QE] Drop country table, replaced with /includes/countrylist.php file.
[QE] Admin can no longer login from front end. This will defeat the purpose of renaming the ACP.

Version 16.0.0:
[QE] Mandatory bug fixes
[QE] Image library now show thumbnails instead of just list of text
[QE] Users & administrators privileges editor
[QE] Custom privileges to add more permissions
[QE] You can rename /admin/ folder to anything else to increase site security, don't forget to edit the settings in /includes/db_config.php
[QE] Replace main menu javascript from superfish, hoverintent & tinynav to bootstrap nav menu
[QE] Updated Jquery to 3.2.1
[QE] Tweak the default skin design


Version 15.0.0:
[QE] More bug fixes
[QE] Update JS libraries to latest versions, except chart.js, as version 2.0 is way much bigger than current one
[QE] Utilizing qadmin_log, you can now restore changed contents to older ones... Time Machine thingy
[QE] Change qAdmin Section into tabs for much cleaner interface
[QE] UI now has ACP short cuts when logged in as admin
[QE] Replace Google RSS with internal script
[QE] Removing IE8 supports. If you still need IE8 supports, please see https://code.google.com/archive/p/css3-mediaqueries-js/source/default/source
[QE] Removing BB code supports, as it is obsolete by now. Long life simplicity
[QE] Modify international clock
[QE] Update installer UI

Version 14.0.0:
What version 14?

Version 13.0.0:
[QE] More bug fixes
[QE] Merge module_config table into config table
[QE] Debug mode now visible even if not login as administrator (see 12.0.0)
[QE] Fix {$} problem in language editor
[QE] Fileman > Text Editor now use Code Editor for .html, .js, .css & .xml
[QE] Add breadcrumbs
[QE] Google Map picker now require Google API Key
[QE] Module > Page Gallery supports custom template
[QE] Menu manager supports programmable menu
[QE] Sitemap now uses a template files
[QE] qTPL supports inline section
[QE] Even deeper bootstrap integration

Version 12.0.0:
[QE] More bug fixes
[QE] Replace (almost) all icon images with Bootstrap Glyphons
[QE] Change default "detailed log" to false
[QE] Removed internal 'edit-opt'
[QE] New qCache mode
[QE] Improved menu editor
[QE] No more HTTPS auto swithcer, it is either 100% secure connection or not at all
[QE] Removed module's qSearch
[QE] Removed redundant links from module documentation
[QE] Uploaded files/images in qAdmin must be removed before user can upload new ones
[QE] Added Google Map location picker
[QE] Simplify site search result
[QE] Added sub template support
[QE] Page editor now support sub template & page template
[QE] Remove BB code support
[QE] Debug info only visible to administrators only

Version 11.1.0:
[QE] Bug fixes
[QE] Less images, more glyphicon
[QE] New feature: watermark
[QE] New feature: hidden pages can be displayed in page list & search, but content still hidden

Version 11.0.0:
[QE] Bug fixes
[QE] New status for page: draft, published: public, member only, admin only -finally-
[QE] Content type now have default sorting method
[QE] Improved qComments
[QE] qComments now using ajax & can be approved by email
[QE] Site Slogan! -woohoo-
[QE] Modules are now easier to edit & manage
[QE] Popup shortcuts to manage modules if you are logged in as admin -yes!-
[QE] Slightly improved design
[QE] New debug information: tpl files used

Version 10.0.0:
[QE] Bug fixes
[QE] Update Bootstrap to 3.3.4
[QE] Update jQuery to 1.11.2
[QE] Update tinyMCE to 4.1.9
[QE] Update File Manager to accomodate new tinyMCE
[QE] Update other javascript libraries to newest one
[QE] Now bootstrap includes all default theme, component, javascript & css; including glyphons
[QE] Redesign the ACP! Awesome!
[QE] New default skin! Finally!

Version 9.0.0:
[QE] Bug fixes
[QE] Replace Flash charts with HTML5 charts (chartjs.org)
[QE] Starting to use bootstrap grid system, I hope in the future I can implement more bootstrap grid
[QE] ACP minor redesign, perhaps in qE10 I will introduce new ACP ?
[QE] Menu editor now can include another menu as sub menu
[QE] I'm learning JavaScript, so I will implement more javascript starting from this version
[QE] Restructure some files & folders

Version 8.0.0:
[QE] Add Facebook Like & Comments
[QE] Add Twitter Share
[QE] Default skin now uses 'px' for fonts instead of 'pt' (some modern browsers display 'px' better than 'pt')
[QE] Fix ezForm script
[QE] Update Page Editor's see also
[QE] Security fixes & bug fixes

Version 7.0.0:
[QE] Change jQuery Tools with Bootstrap 3.1.1
[QE] Update jQuery to v1.11.0
[QE] Add 'multi lingual' support
[QE] Closed web site now can still be browsed by administrators
[QE] Add RSS feed for C97.net
[QE] Change mySQL to mySQLi
[QE] Merge local config & qE config into one table
[QE] Update default skin to HTML5
[QE] Security fixes & bug fixes

Version 6.0.0:
[QE] Add ACP notification center
[QE] Add ACP qadmin log
[QE] Update default & admin skin
[QE] Update SEF URL to friendlier version
[QE] Update security by using SHA-512 hashing+sitewide salt
[QE] Update default skin to responsive layout
[QE] Update module engine
[QE] Update menu engine
[QE] Update page management now consisting pages, news, module contents, etc.
[QE] Update uploader by only accepting certain files (instead of blocking certain files)
[QE] Remove unnecessary features, such as tag cloud, fast search, etc.
[QE] Remove cookies, and replaced by PHP sessions (still need a single cookie though)
[QE] Fix qcache performance when it's disabled
[QE] Fix PNG optimizer for transparent PNG's
[QE] Fix some bugs
[QE] And many more. Incompatible with previous versions! Too lazy to make an upgrader :)

Version 5.0.0:
[QE] Merge news + page + articles to page management
[QE] Introducing new method to call a module
[QE] New menu designer
[QE] Update TinyMCE to 3.4.6
[QE] Remove unused features: ip banning, support, news (use contact us instead)
[QE] Various fixes
[QE] Add a lot of inline help
[QE] Changes DB charset to UTF-8
[QE] New default skin
[QE] New dev skin
[QE] New mobile skin

Version 4.1.6:
[QE] Blank page after installation - https://www.c97.net/forum/index.php?topic=400.0
[QE] PHP error when using the "£" Symbol - https://www.c97.net/forum/index.php?topic=433.0
[QE] UTF-8 for email messages - https://www.c97.net/forum/index.php?topic=441.0
[QE] Custom date & time words - https://www.c97.net/forum/index.php?topic=444.0
[QE] Renamed /etc/ folder to /misc/ - some servers don't allow user access to /etc/ folder

version 4.1:
[QE] Optimize qE. Now qE use 50% less SQL query than version 4.0!

version 4.0:
[QE] Minor fixes
[QE] Replace guestbook with qComment
[QE] New skin folder: _common, to simplify skin designing
[QE] Replace prototype.js with jquery.js
[QE] Page menu now can be placed in four positions
[QE] Module now can be placed in eight positions

Version 3.5:
[QE] First public release
[QE] Not yet used by Kemana or Cart2
[QE] Some more fixes, but no new features

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